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Experienced, Fair, and "Exceptionally Well Qualified." 

Vote Ingrid McLeod for Pierce County  Superior Court Judge!

As a former civil litigator and current Pierce County Superior Court Commissioner, I have earned a reputation for being well-prepared, hardworking, and fair.  


I have earned the support of every current Pierce County Superior Court Judge; a majority of Justices on the Washington Supreme Court; a majority of Judges on the Washington State Court of Appeals, Division II; and current and retired Judges and Commissioners from across Washington and every level of our state court system.  


In recognition of my experience, four local bar associations rated me as “Exceptionally Well Qualified”—the highest possible rating—for Superior Court Judge. 

I am running for Judge because I care deeply about our community, the rule of law, and supporting our court’s ongoing work of administering justice accessibly, fairly, and openly.  With my experience as a judicial officer in Pierce County and broad legal experience, I am uniquely qualified to serve as a Superior Court Judge.  

I ask for your vote.

Ingrid McLeod

Support Ingrid's Campaign



Join elected officials, community leaders, and neighbors in endorsing Ingrid for Superior Court.



There are a lot of voters to talk to! Help Ingrid get the word out by contributing.

Check contributions to:

Committee to Elect Ingrid McLeod

c/o Ministerial Treasurer Abbot Taylor

P.O. Box 12066

Seattle, WA 98102



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